Community Hair Strengthening Tea (Ayurvedic) *Best Seller

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Ayurvedic Hair Strengthening Tea (Community)

1 oz. Makes 5 rinses

  • Strengthens and rebuilds damaged hair follicles
  • Provides a natural protein treatment
  • Intensive moisturizing treatment
  • Prevents alopecia and thickens hair
  • Promotes fast hair growth and is packed with biotin, iron, sulfur, vitamins A, B, C, & E

Instructions: Take 1/2 tablespoon of herbal tea rinse, and place in organic muslin bag.

Steep herbal hair tea in muslin bag in 6 oz of hot water, place lid on top of cup to avoid essential oils from evaporating out for at least 4 hours or overnight for strongest infusion. Option A: Shampoo hair and apply hair rinse. Place plastic cap on head for 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse thoroughly, follow up with a deep conditioner and/or a leave in conditioner. Option B: Shampoo hair and follow with conditioner. Rinse conditioner out. Spray herbal hair rinse on hair and scalp as a leave in, seal hair with a hair oil, follow up with a leave in conditioner. Scalp and hair can be sprayed with tea rinse, 3x's a week for low/normal porosity hair. Tea rinses are designed to strengthen hair and are very strong, therefore it is recommended to spray hair with water or aloe vera juice on alternate days. Tea may be stored in the refrigerator for one week.  

*Please consult with your doctor before the use of any herbal remedies.


Ingredients: Fenugreek, Amla, Dandelion root, Calendula, Brahmi