Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is the importance of drinking herbal tea?

Herbal tea provides the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients necessary for digestive health, emotional health, and a healthy immune system that keeps you energized. Herbal tea is designed to provide the best, most important minerals for your body that many miss out on when consuming processed foods. Lady Rose Specialty Teas provides an array of flavorful blends that not only taste delicious, but that also helps to treat an array of health needs.

Have statements been approved by the FDA?
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Are there any precautions to using any of your products?

We recommend that you consult with a qualified health care practitioner before using any herbal products, especially if you are on any medications, pregnant, or nursing.


What if I need to talk to an herbalist in detail about a specific condition? Can I talk to an herbalist about a personal condition?

Yes, you can.  In person and virtual consultations are held at the Garden of Eden Health Center in Richmond, VA. Appointments can be made at 804-362-7372. You do not need to live in Virginia for an appointment. 

What if my tea doesn't taste as strong as the recommended serving?

The good thing about loose leaf tea, is that you can adjust to your taste buds. If you want it to be stronger, add more tea in your tea ball strainer. 

Drinking Tea FAQ

What type of tea do you sell?

We sell 100% caffeine-free herbal tea, also referred to as tisanes. These herbal infusions are for drinking purposes, unless noted as an herbal hair rinse, herbal hair mask, yoni steam, or herbal bath tea.

How many cups am I able to make for your loose-leaf blends?
Each herbal tea will come with different steeping time directions. On average each 1-ounce package will yield approximately 10-15 cups of tea. Some teas are able to be brewed more than once, therefore some tea blends may yield as many as twenty (20) six-ounce cups of tea.

How long should I brew my teas?
Herbal teas should steep for 5 to 15 minutes, but for medicinal purposes, it is recommended that tea brew for a minimum of four hours or overnight. You will continue to receive the same health benefits with tea brewed for 5-15 minutes, but the longer you brew your tea, the stronger the impact will be.

How do I use loose leaf tea?
A strainer, organic muslin tea bag, or a tea bag.

What if I am allergic to one of the ingredients included in your teas or other allergies?
I recommend you to email us at and we will try to accommodate your needs as best as we can! Remember, we are in this business because we truly believe in the benefits of herbal tea and want others to experience the many nutritional benefits that it offers. So please feel free to contact the herbalist who hand crafts the herbal tea blends.

What is the difference between loose leaf tea and the organic tea I see sold in stores?
Lady Rose Specialty Teas are special hand-crafted herbal tea recipes to begin with. Teas bought in stores, often consist of pesticides, are produced on a mass scale, and contain dust and dirt. The tea bag itself is usually artificial and plastic, which will impact the flavor and taste of your tea. Loose leaf teas also allow you to control the strength of your flavor and nutritional properties. Loose leaf teas are actually less expensive than store box teas, because many of these blends can be used for more than one cup of tea. Lastly, Lady Rose Specialty Teas have been thoroughly researched for specific wellness benefits for holistic wellness.

Herbal Hair Tea FAQ

Am I able to drink the herbal hair tea rinse blends?
While technically you can, we highly advise against it. The herbal hair tea blends are customized with herbs that will not provide a tasty or flavorful experience and are designed ONLY for your hair.

How long do I need to brew my herbal hair tea rinse?
Recommended method – Take two teaspoon of the herbal tea hair mixture and place in muslin tea bag. Pour one cup of boiling water over the bag and let it steep overnight or for four hours minimum. Strain the liquid into a bowl or container and apply it on your hair, and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse and follow up with a leave in conditioner.

Method #2 – Place the loose-leaf herbs in a pot with one cup of water and bring to a boil for 3-5 minutes. Let the tea cool, strain, and apply to hair and scalp. Leave in and follow up with a leave in conditioner. Keep herbal hair rinse in a spray bottle and discard after one week.

Can I use the hair mask treatment alone with no additives?
The herbal hair mask treatments are all natural highly concentrated nutrients, designed to act a super boost with natural additives (see directions page) or with a natural, sulfate free conditioner. You only need 1 teaspoon or up to 2 tablespoons based upon length and thickness of hair. Again, this is a super concentrate designed to activate upon the use of natural additives or a sulfate-free conditioner.

Checkout FAQ

Do I need to use a credit card for subscription orders?
Yes. PayPal payments are not accepted for subscription box orders; however, you can use PayPal for any other purchase on Lady Rose Specialty Tea, LLC site. Subscriptions can be stopped by you at any time.

Discounts and Sale Codes
Please check the details of the discount or sales special. Discounts and sales are not provided for gift sets or sample sizes. Also, there may be a limit on the orders you can purchase for certain specials.

Are you able to make customized herbal medicine?

At this time, I am able to make herbal tinctures and teas. Herbal tinctures take a minimum of 3-6 weeks to macerate and the shelf-life is indefinite. You will be kept updated when herbal oils and salves are available. Please remember that herbal health care by nature is proactive and takes time and patience. We appreciate your support!